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At Prodent Group, we understand how traumatic tooth loss can be. We also realize the critical nature of replacing teeth quickly with a secure and durable solution. We can offer you both and encourage you to call (754) 240-4631 to learn more about our solutions. As a Coral Springs dentist office, we use modern and innovative treatments to help give you back the full functionality and appearance of your smile. One of these is TeethXpress®.

TeethXpress in Coral Springs

Who Can Benefit from Replacement Teeth?

There are over 35 million Americans that do not have any teeth at all, while a hundred and seventy eight million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth and these numbers are expected to grow over the next two decades. TeethExpress® can help anyone that has lost all of their teeth in an accident, or due to decay or disease, regardless of their age. Even if you are wearing dentures currently, with this solution, you will never have to deal with messy adhesives again.

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To learn more about TeethXpress® or to start the journey of replacing your dentures, call (754) 240-4631 and schedule an appointment with our Coral Springs, FL dental office. At Prodent Group, we can restore your smile, give you back your confidence and the ability to enjoy all of your favorite foods again.

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Gian W.

This place is honestly so awesome! The staff will treat you as family and aren't too shy to have full out conversations with you. They make you comfortable and I've never seen anyone get frustrated at the workers. Over all, I would recommend this place to anyone!

Mayra S.

Great group of people and staff. Kind, professional and friendly. Highly recommend and refer friends and family to Prodent Group. The Dr. is nice and giving. Great Christmas get-together. Thank you for the invite!

Alexander P.

Amazing and talented people at this dental office. So warm, and friendly. Best group of professionals I have ever seen together in one office. I highly recommend seeing them for all of your dental needs.
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